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Memjet Lomond EvoJet Office 2 демонстрация печати


Claims it's the fastest office colour printer, spitting out a page a second.

PRINTER TECHNOLOGY VENDOR Memjet has announced what it claims is the world's fastest colour office printer in the UK on Wednesday and The INQUIRER attended a launch event where we got to see the device in action.

Manufactured by Lomond, the EvoJet 2 desktop printer churns out colour pages at the speed of one full colour page per second.

Memjet says this is possible due to its stationary, page-wide print head that consists of a "unique nozzle and silicon chip design" and uses over 70,000 ink nozzles to beat print speeds of more traditional laser and inkjet printers.

Memjet is aiming the printer at small businesses that want to improve productivity in fast-paced office environments.

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